Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is one of the leading practitioners shaping the future of healthcare, with a long record of experience at the top levels of policy. Trained both as an oncologist (MD, Harvard Medical School) and a political scientist, Dr. Emanuel offers a uniquely thoughtful perspective on the most difficult issues in medicine today. From 2009 to 2011, he was a special advisor for health policy to the White House Office of Management and Budget. As one of the most prominent voices advising the White House about healthcare, he had a significant impact on federal healthcare budgets and the Affordable Care Act. He also is a founding chair at the Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Emanuel holds a joint position at the Wharton School and the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, where he chairs the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy. He is also the author of the book, Reinventing American Health Care. We are pleased to have him serve as Keynote Speaker.

Plenary Speaker
DHelen Fisher, PhD

Helen Fisher, PhD
Neuroscientist, Biological Anthropologist

Internationally-renowned neuroscientist and biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher is a pioneer in the biology of human personality and the neurochemistry of leadership. Named a TED All-Star and one of “the 15 most amazing women in science today” by Business Insider, Dr. Fisher has given the world a new way to look at relationships and “corporate chemistry.” Her groundbreaking research has shown how understanding the biology behind personality styles can be used to build teams and corporate boards, advertise, innovate, and succeed at work.

The Chief Scientific Advisor for, Dr. Fisher has developed The Fisher Temperament Inventory. The Inventory is the first and only personality questionnaire built from and validated by neuroscience (using fMRI brain scanning data). Her discovery of the four basic biological styles of thinking/behaving — Explorer, Builder, Director, and Negotiator-represents the biggest leap in personality tools in 100 yrs.

More recently, her research has focused on love and intimacy, but she also speaks about

  • Corporate Chemistry: How Different People Think and Work
  • Better Teams: Why Brain Biology and Diversity of Mind Make a Big Difference
  • Neuroscience of Innovation (using her inventory to define personality “types” and how each are predisposed to innovate in different ways)

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