Trust Me, I Am a (Specialty-Specific) Doctor, Rebecca Hurst, MD

Re-Imagining Specialty Interest Groups: A New Approach to Early Career Exploration, Sacha Sharp, MA
and Debra Rusk, MD

Epa4 (Enter and Discuss Orders and Prescriptions) Curricular Design Workshop: Laying Foundations for Residency Success in Medical School, Nancy Liao, MD, Kristen Lewis, MD and Nicholas Kman, MD

Using Narrative Professionalism as a Wellness Strategy for Students and Residents, Nagaraj Gabbur, MD

Boldly Addressing Border Health Needs in Obstetrics & Gynecology Through a Dedicated Residency Track - Academic & Community Perspectives, Jennifer Salcedo, MD, MPH, MPP

Knowns and Unknowns: Examining Factors Impacting the Medical Student Pipeline into U.S. GME, Tracy Wallowicz, MLS

Council of Residency Directors (Cord) Advising Students Committee in Emergency Medicine (Asc-Em): Helping Students Apply Smarter, Not Harder, Paul Kukulski, MD

A Resident-Driven Approach to Wellness and Resiliency in Graduate Medical Education, Julie Nardella, PhD, MSN/Ed, RN

A Self-Evaluation of the AAMC Core EPAs During Residency, David Nelson. MD and Nagaraj Gabbur, MD

Challenges for the International Medical Graduate, Ashish Rana, MD

How to Find Your Perfect Fit Resident, Veronique Tache, MD

Avoiding the Inadvertent Match Violation: A GME Office Perspective, Shiela Julin, C-TAGME

Application Strategy and Adjustments for Non Quantifiable Factors, Karen Restifo, MD, JD and Stephanie Zia, MD

Residency Selection: Can The Process Be Improved? Maya Hammoud, MD, MBA and John Andrews, MD

“I Need A Slot”; Evidence Based Advising and Recruitment in an Era of Increased Competition for Residency, Shambhavi Chandraiah, MD and Jessica Kovach, MD

Preparing Students for Residency Through The Midwest Interventional Radiology Medical Student Symposium Advanced Course, Tiffany Toni and Olivia Schultz

Run The Interview Gauntlet! Empowering Senior Medical Students for Success in the Match, Victoria Kelly, MD,
Thomas Roach, DO, Mang-Tak and Andy Kwok, BS

Preparing Medical Students to Transition to Residency: An Accelerated Curriculum Track for the M.D. Degree, Scott Cottrell, EdD

We Matched! Now What?!!? Maggie Fasbender, BSc

Developing a Transition to Residency Course, Lara Johnson, MD, MHS

Building an Interprofessional Simulation-Based Transition-to-Residency Program, Susan Fraymovich, DO

Professional Identity Formation Utilizing a Career Coach Model, Julia A. Kolcharno, MA and Linda Learn, MSW, MBA

One Program, Two Locations: Working Together to Prepare Our Students for the Match, Deborah Heineman, MA and Holly Proffitt, MA

An Intern Prep Course Taught by the Next Generation of Teachers: A Novel Resident-as-Educator Curriculum, Adam S. Bauer, MD, Sara Johnson, MD, Tim Rowe, MD and Katie Fell, MD

Self-Evaluating EPA Readiness in 3rd and 4th Year Medical Students for Milestone 1, Lindsay Robinson, MD and Nagaraj Gabbur, MD

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